UPDATE – Chilliwack Volunteer Firefighter -Life After Major Amputation


Chilliwack – MAY 22 UPDATE – The Chilliwack Firefighters Charitable Society updated the progress of Jon Van Huigenbos. He had to go through a major amputation and he has kept up his spirits with help from you.

From the Facebook page:

Firefighter Van Huigenbos sporting his Chilliwack Fire Department hat and his “Johnny Bravo smile” that we all know and love, while in recovery!

We wanted to give an update and let everyone know how Jon is doing since his surgery. Jon recieved the humbling news that the margins on his amputation are clear. He is officially cancer free and we are so incredibly happy for him and his family! Jon finds the incision pain tolerable, but his phantom leg sensation and pain is something that keeps him awake. He can completely feel every aspect of his entire right leg. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We hope the pain lessens and eventually goes away completely for him.

Despite the pain, Firefighter Van Huigenbos is in good spirits and staying positive and with the blessing from his physiotherapist he is starting to get up and walk around whenever he pleases without any help from the nurses! So much progress has been made and we are so proud of you Jon!

A big thank you to everyone for the support and love for Jon. He is very thankful for all of it❤️

A link to the Van Huigenbos Families go fund me is in our bio. Please donate to them if you can and keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

Keep up the hard work Jon! We will see you back home soon 💪🏼🔥

If you are wanting to keep a close eye on Jon’s progress and are looking for more updates you can follow his journey here:


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MAY 5 ORIGINAL STORY – Back on April 30, the Chilliwack Firefighters Charitable Society posted the life changing news about one of their own, Jon.

Our brother and fellow member of the Chilliwack Fire Department goes in for a life changing surgery.
A Hemipelvectomy. This means a complete amputation of his right leg at the hip.

Although this will halt Jon’s career as a POC Firefighter, it also means he will be cancer free. For that, we are extremely grateful.

For the past 8 years Jon has served his community proudly as a Paid On-Call firefighter. Personally having one of the highest percentage of calls responded to. He wears the helmet of team leader here at Hall 1 downtown and he wears it well.

Jon, you are very well respected and loved by all members of the CFD. Our thoughts and prayers to you and your family as you all navigate through these challenging times. No doubt that you will recover quickly and be back at the hall with your great sense of humour and contagious smile in no time!

A GoFundMe page has now been set up to cover expenses. To view the GoFundMe, please visit: gf.me/v/c//jons-amputation-surgery-and-rehabilitation


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