BC Teachers Federation Addresses Confusion Over School Re-Opening

Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School

Fraser Valley/Vancouver – After Wednesday’s announcement by Premier John Horgan as well as Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adiran Dix, there is plenty of confusion over schools re-opening.

Many on social media called that part of the economic re-start announcement as “clear as mud”.

The BCTF, BC Teachers Federation took to Twitter to answer concerns.

The short answer, you can let kids voluntarily go back to school . Parents Choice. However, day care then becomes an issue.

From the BCTF Twitter posting:

Key points for #bced#covid19bc:

1 – No date for major reopening. Not this spring.

2 – Many kids have been in school all along. It has been safe. There will be slow, voluntary expansion.

3- Planning/details still in the works. Patience is required.

4 – Safety is top priority.

High schools are not reopening in any significant way this spring. There will be an increase in opportunities, voluntarily, for more children to go to school. It will be slow, thoughtful, and careful. No full reopening until the fall. That is crystal clear.

Many teachers have been working in schools all along and it has been safe. Some with students, some without. We are working with districts to make sure no decisions are rushed and the appropriate protocols are in place. Connect with your local for more info.

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