Agassiz Speedway – Racers Remain in Pits But Still No Red Flag

Agassiz/Kent – Agassiz Speedway was to be ramping up for racing for the 2020 Season.

Their 50th season.

While racing has not been given the red flag (inside racing joke), drivers and crews are confined to the pits.

The April 9 update from Agassiz Speedway shows organizers remain optimistic, yet cautious (Break out yellow flag) :

We, as an Executive, have to be cognizant of the health and safety of all our members, staff & fans. We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation and keeping up-to-date on recommendations from the Province and Public Health Officials. The most recent news included the closure of Public Parks.

To strive to keep everyone safe and healthy, we are continuing to recommend that everyone stay home – this includes our membership and their families, staff and volunteers, and their families as well. This needs to be our first priority. Unfortunately, fun and competition have to take a back seat.

We are as anxious as anyone to get out on the track, but at this time, we are unable to commit to any event dates; this includes practices, open work parties, rookie orientation, and private rentals.
We still want to encourage you all to keep working on those cars, and be ready to go, once we are able to commit to events.

So, when the dust finally does settle on all of this, we hope to be waving that green flag! Until then, please stay safe, keep healthy, and as Darrell likes to say “keep those seat belts tight”!!

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