Local Valley Art Is Helping People To Cope With COVID Crisis

Yanick Lmc

Fraser Valley – Fraser Valley artist Yanik Lmc started a Facebook thread on March 20 that has taken off. Do something artistic and share it.

It doesn’t matter what talent level you are at or what you platform is.

Just do it, share it and voila, once again, the arts community comes to the rescue during a time of need.

Think about it, how many benefit concerts and art shows come out during and after any crisis.

Feel free to share on any of the FVN platforms or your own and let us know what you’re doing !

Yanick Lmc
Jess Zagwyn
Jenny Mumtalas Billy

Valley rapper Sam$on

Massacre Ft Rey gama & Jolevi

New single out soon this flue won’t stop our grind

Posted by Sam$on on Sunday, March 22, 2020

A huge FVN thanks to those who have shared on this platform and a shout out to HOFA (House of Fine Arts) supply store. The daughter of the owner had a rare aggressive form of cancer about 5 years ago and both Mon and Daughter are self employed and hit hard financially. It would be great to support the stores as well as the artists!

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