Hope Volunteer Search and Rescue Worked Snowy MVI Rescue On Coquihalla

Coquihalla – On Tuesday night (@ 10PM) Hope SAR was called for a MVI near #Zopkios brake check on the #Coquihalla. During the drive the crew experienced white out conditions, fast accumulating snow & sheer ice. They arrived to find approximately 15 semi’s who had either spun out, slid into one another and/or had jack knifed. Thankfully there was no entrapment and extrication was not required.

The team was able to clear scene and slowly make their way back to the Hall by 2AM only to have another MVI call come through at 5:30AM Wednesday morning near #CarolinMine on #Hwy5 for a vehicle over an embankment.

The call was cancelled while enroute after being advised the subjects had self rescued.

*Check DriveBC.com before heading out today*

Photos – HSAR member JP
Photos – HSAR member JP

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