Daylight Saving Time 2AM Sunday – Is This The Last Time, For The Switch?

Fraser Valley (With files from CP) – Here we go again. Fall forward one hour and lose an hour of sleep. The great switch to Daylight Saving Time is 2 AM Sunday Morning. The days feel longer. But will this be the last time we change the clocks?

Don’t bet on it.

Recently the Yukon Territorial Government heard a loud cry from their population and this past Wednesday, made the call that this is the last time change for them. They will permanently stay with Daylight Time.

You will recall that an on line poll (September 2019) by the Province of BC showed 93% of us want the permanent change.

Premier John Horgan made it clear B.C. wanted to stay in tune and in time with Washington, Oregon and California.

Washington and Oregon have already committed to year-round daylight time, and a majority of Californian voters support the move.

Hit the brakes.

This is an election year in the States and an act of congress is the only way to have the three States get in Sync. Congress is kind of busy with a certain President election process.

Even if everyone agrees, it is still not a simple flip of the switch. There are many moving parts to this. From the transfer of goods and services, to financial institutions, to something as simple as the NHL schedule.

In the winter, longer morning hours in the dark for commuters and students.

So enjoy losing an hour of sleep while the days seem longer. We may be waiting a little longer for Daylight Saving Time to stay 24/7/365.

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