Cameras On All Chilliwack School Buses A No Go (VIDEO)

Courtesy School District No. 33 - Chilliwack

Chilliwack – Chilliwack School Board tackled the expensive issue of installing cameras on all school buses. The original motion was made by Trustee Darrell Fergason. This was to crack down on drivers who ignore school bus stop signs and run the red lights, putting students at risk.

The motion failed as the vote was a tie 3-3. Jared Mumford could not attend the meeting.

Trustee Willow Reischelt told FVN: It would cost around $200,000 to equip every bus with a camera. Half of the board thought this wasn’t a priority (given budget constraints) since cameras would not prevent accidents.

Trustee David Swankey told FVN: Cameras will continue to be installed on new buses as they are added to our fleet, but money will not be reallocated from within this years budget to accelerate that installation. If you have a chance to review the meeting online, the cost is presented by staff and our Secretary-Treasurer speaks directly to the budgetary considerations.

The entire public meeting including the financials can be viewed here.

The motion: That the Board of Education request the installation of (the latest) cameras in/on every school bus for student safety.


SD33 students should be protected from “red-light runners” when entering or leaving a school bus. Installing more modern cameras on every school bus will help identify drivers who are endangering SD33 students with their unsafe driving habits.

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