District of Mission Wants To Reclassify As A City – Public Input Ends Friday, October 11

Mission – The District of Mission is seeking elector approval to reclassify as a City.

This process is being approached through the Alternative Approve Process.

This means that electors opposed to the reclassification have until Friday, October 11 to sign and return an official response form opposing the initiative. If more than 10% of electors sign and submit a form in opposition the reclassification will not proceed unless approval is obtained through assent voting – meaning a referendum.

Only those opposed to the reclassification need to complete a response form.

Response forms are available at Municipal Hall, the Mission Leisure Centre, and the Welton Common offices in Downtown Mission.

Follow the link for information on what it means and how to take part. http://ow.ly/YUAQ50vEPI9

Council has decided to seek a reclassification for many reasons.

At nearly 40,000 residents Mission has long since passed the 5,000 person threshold for being a city.

The reclassification also supports economic development efforts. Council is focused on bold economic development, and a “City” classification will remove one of the barriers to marketing our community to potential businesses, investors, and professionals looking to relocate to the lower mainland. “District” municipalities are usually seen as rural areas, without the infrastructure or populations that can support business and industry.

The change also clarifies that Mission is a vibrant, growing municipality, and not a regional authority like a Regional District or a more remote electoral area. Within BC Districts are often first thought of as Regional Districts, and outside of BC Districts are generally seen as primarily rural areas.

Reclassifying as a city also creates an excellent opportunity to work together as a community to advance a strong shared-vision for our municipality building on the strength of our Official Community Plan as we move forward with partners on projects like the continued revitalization of Downtown Mission, the revitalization of the Mission Waterfront, and community planning overall.

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