Former Chilliwack Councilor Sam Waddington Charged Over Expense Claim Allegations

Chilliwack – Former Chilliwack City Councilor Sam Waddington came under fire in the weeks leading into the 2018 Municipal Election over expense account reporting to City Staff.

The controversy eventually cost him his run for Mayor, which was eventually won by Ken Popove.

Prior to the start of the Tuesday afternoon council meeting, both FVN and chillTV were made aware, via BC Court records, that Waddington faces two counts of breach of trust by public officer. The first on May 29, 2017, the other on December 5, 2017.

Last year, former Mayor Sharon Gaetz and former City Councilor Chuck Stam led the argument that Waddington may have broke rules, if not protocol. They had received information via FOI requests.

That FVN story is here.

Stam had noted:

Why are Chilliwack taxpayers expected to pay for the wining and dining of other elected officials such as these? Andrea Reimer’s name shows up numerous times as having been Councilor Waddigton’s guest on Chilliwack’s expense.Another concern was an Airbnb charge of over $800 for a condo in Ottawa during Grey Cup Weekend.

From the Original City Staff Report:

The 2017 expense totals:

$7,583.85 – Mayor Sharon Gaetz

$5,190.48 – Coun. Sue Attrill

$7,145.76 – Coun. Chris Kloot

$4,819.48 – Coun. Jason Lum

$2,191.39 – Coun. Ken Popove

$2,592.23 – Coun. Chuck Stam

$17,240.48 – Coun. Sam Waddington

In September 2018, the RCMP became involved – That FVN story is here.

During the 2018 election debates, the topic of expenses was part of a heated exchange between Gaetz and Waddington. Pundits point to that on camera testy fight as the beginning of the end for both careers. Waddington and Gaetz both lost their chances at the Mayor’s chair.

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