Chalkboard Prison – Abbotsford -Shot TV Pilot (VIDEO)

Abbotsford – Kirt Purdy, is the Creator/Head Writer of Chalkboard Prison. This is a new TV show concept that is getting some attention in BC and Alberta, and even some interest from CBC and CTV.

The trailer was shot last summer in Abbotsford, using a professional cast and crew, with many of the extras from Abbotsford and surrounding area.

The first glimpse of what is a very funny concept, was presented on Facebook in December of 2018.

Stanley Purdy is a mild mannered kindergarten teacher who finds himself unemployed after budget cuts. He takes the only teaching job he can find, in a high security prison. A classic fish out of water story, this pilot is currently in development and seeking a broadcast home.

Chalkboard Prison is a show unlike anything you’ve seen before.  While other shows about prison life focus on the inmates and their hopeless situations, Chalkboard Prison will give you the chance to experience what life in prison is like for those of us who have never, or will never, set foot inside. Of course, there will be laughs, but there will also be those moments where Stanley realizes that while he can teach his students readin’ and writin’, his students have a few lessons of their own to teach Stanley.

A big thanks to the “Chilliwack Gorillas” for letting FVN know about this show.

The Website can be found here.

The Facebook page is here.

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