Public Opinion – Should Harrison Tax Payers Pay For A Satellite Medical Office?

Harrison Hot Spring – The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is seeking public opinion on whether or not a medical facility should be paid for by its electors.

Fraser Health Authority has proposed to provide a satellite medical office within the village to bridge primary health care services that support both Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs. They have asked the Village for a contribution of $36,000 per year to support this pilot hub and spoke type model.

Services would include, but not be limited to, one medical physician and one nurse practitioner (or other medical specialist) at least one day per week.

The proposed amount of $36,000 will result in an estimated tax increase as per the following examples:

If you are opposed to the Village of Harrison Hot Springs contributing funds to the Fraser Health Authority to pay for operating costs of a medical clinic facility you may submit an Elector Response Form.

Forms can be requested at the Village office or downloaded below.  The deadline to submit an elector response form is September 16, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.

Supporting Documentation and Downloads:

Notice of of Alternative Approval Process
Elector Response Form
Non-resident Property Elector Consent Form
Questions and Answers

Contact the Village Office for more information: 604-796-2171

1 Comment on "Public Opinion – Should Harrison Tax Payers Pay For A Satellite Medical Office?"

  1. Jim and Olla Stephens | July 16, 2019 at 12:14 pm | Reply

    No .Agassiz Health will expand an additional day of walk-ins for local residents in need of medical help. This includes residents from Agassiz, Harrison, Rosedale and Popkum. They have at time of my letter three new Dr. who are offering their service as a family doctor by visiting the Heath Centre or sign up online.
    I have been going there since last year. Harrison Village are wanting to dip in to our taxes for the council not being fast enough for RIM why should Tax Payers be paying for their tardiness.

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