BREAKING – Langley/Aldergrove MP, Former Abbotsford Councilor Mark Warawa Has Died (VIDEO)

Langley/Abbotsford/Aldergrove – JUNE 20 UPDATE – It was something that many knew was coming, yet the pain is still there. Langley/Aldergrove Conservative MP Mark Warawa, also a former Abbotsford Councilor, has died from pancreatic cancer. In May he made a farewell speech in the House of Commons in Ottawa and that Facebook video can be found below.

A book of condolences in now available for signing at his Langley constituency office.

MAY 7 UPDATE – MP Mark Warawa put on a brave face just a month ago, claiming that his cancer was in remission. His faith is strong, yet on Tuesday at the House of Commons, the MP made his farewell speech. The cancer bean with his pancreas but has spread to other organs including his colon and lungs. The irony is that this farewell came on his 67th birthday. While Warawa already stated that he would not run for re-election, he was thankful that he was able to make his speech to the 42md Parliament.

The farewell can be found here —

APRIL 18 UPDATE – From Mark Warawa’s Facebook page on April 18:

My dear friends I was preparing to choose between a risky surgery or palliative care, BUT I just received the miracle that we all have been hoping and praying for. Thank you Lord Jesus.

The medical team came into my hospital room with smiles. They said the mass on my pancreas is not cancer, it is a tumor called PNET. The bile duct stint will be upgraded from plastic to metal.

The cancer they found in the colon will be removed with a simple surgery to remove a small section of the colon, followed by chemo. The doctors said with smiles, “you should live for years!”

Many of you know of my passion for palliative care to be made available to every Canadian resident who needs it. I am not running for re-election in October and had planned to work part time, providing loving Pastoral Care to those facing the end of their lives. My pastor visited me in the hospital and prayed that God would use this experience of facing death as a “Boot Camp Training” to prepare me for Pastoral Care. That is what has happened. I have experienced first hand the emotions and struggles of a terminal diagnosis. I now know how to care for people facing eternity.

The battle isn’t over yet and I still need your prayers please, but I know God heard and answered our prayers.

I believe and trust in the God of miracles. I will always trust Him but because of this experience I will never be the same. To God be all glory!

Love you all.

ORIGINAL STORY APRIL 14 – Current Langley/Aldergrove MP and former Abbotsford Councilor Mark Warawa is fighting cancer. On Sunday, via MP Ed Fast, Warawa posted his status and asked for prayers.Formerly a businessman and loss prevention officer as well as a city councillor in Abbotsford from 1990 to 2004, Warawa has been the Member of Parliament for Langley—Aldergrove, since 2004.

His Facebook page is here:

My dear friends, I am very sick in the hospital and need your prayers for a miracle. You can see how yellow my skin is. The doctors believe I have pancreatic cancer. I have procedures tomorrow morning and some additional tests over the next few days to see if cancer has spread to other organs. If it is just in the pancreas, I will surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy. If cancer has spread to other organs, there isn’t anything medically to do and life could be short.

We have our total trust in God. Yes there has been lots of tears, but the God who created us has healed me and saved my life before. Most important is I know God loves me and wants me to trust Him. I do!

We so appreciate your prayers and messages of encouragement. Please keeps them coming. For requests for an update on my condition, please come to this Facebook. I hope to updated you every couple of days. It’s not possible for Diane to respond to all the inquiries and I need to be in her loving arms.

Easter a very special time. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can have hope for an eternity with Him after we die. That is our hope. God bless you. Love you all.

Dianne and Mark Warawa

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  1. Berry Gubbins | June 20, 2019 at 8:20 am | Reply

    Diane, my very deepest condolences. He was truly a good man and I know how much you will miss him.
    Berry Gubbins

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