Your Invitation To Co-Anchor chillTV News Of The Week (In Pictures)

Fraser Valley – Don’t be shy and admit it, you always wanted to be behind the News Anchor Desk. If Chris Gailus (Global TV) can do it , Why can’t you? Or Dan Burritt (CBC), Sophie Lui and Colleen Christie (Global/BC1), Ann Luu (CTV), Mike Killeen (CBC), Dawna Freisen (Global), Lisa La Flamme (CTV) and the list goes on.

OK, for those of us a little older.. Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite (CBS) …. alright, that might be a little too old.

chillTV has a cool opportunity for you to be a co-anchor for the weekly news magazine “News of the Week”. Taping is done on Wednesday mornings at the VBN studio in Chilliwack. It takes a little more than an hour and everything is done for you. Scripts are written and you read from a teleprompter. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. Plus you are immortalized on the chillTV YouTube Channel.

No prior experience necessary. All they ask is for a CV of you as well as an audition video. That is easy to do. If you can do a video on your phone, voila, there is your audition video !

Send your CV and video to [email protected]

Recently, chillTV’s News of the Week with Don Lehn has been host to some rather cool people.

Paula DeWit, Conductor, Chilliwack Symphony Orcheatra, Wendy Darling, Debora Soutar and Dr. Carin Bondar :

Paula DeWit
chillTV News of the Week, Don Lehn, Debora Soutar – Rotarian
chillTV’s Berris Karden and Wendy Darling, Autism Advocate
Dr. Carin Bondar

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