Chilliwack’s Central Elementary 90th Anniversary- Planning Meeting – Monday April 29th

Chilliwack – APRIL 18 UPDATE – Back in February, when the snow was a problem for traveling , the 90th Anniversary Planning meeting for Central Elementary was postponed. Clara Hooper, the organizer of the event, told FVN that the celebration remains on track for September 28th. The Volunteer Meeting is now booked for Monday April 29th at 6:30 PM in the Central Library. You’re asked to enter through the Community Door in the parking lot. Anyone (regardless of school) is invited to attend, of course, alma matter will get a front row seat (insert school pride humour).

FEBRUARY 13 UPDATE – The Central Elementary School Planning Meeting For Wednesday February 13 Has Been Cancelled . Obviously road conditions are poor and this will be re-scheduled ASAP.

ORIGINAL STORY – FEBRUARY 10 – In 2013, Chilliwack Secondary School held a massive reunion, welcoming over 5000 students to an event called Hello, Goodbye. The farewell to the old school building and the hello to the new, modern replacement.

Another school celebration is on the way. Central Elementary Community School will not be demolished like the old CSS building, but 90 years is impressive and the celebration slated for September 28th will be just the same.

But it won’t happen on its own.

Local historian Clara Hooper, who organized the 85th Anniversary, is again at the forefront.

The first organizational meeting for this event will be on Wednesday February 13. For more information, call or text Clara at 604 795 1669 or email

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