UFV Suspending Wrestling Program For 2019-20 Season – Philosophical Differences

Fraser Valley – The UFV Wrestling program, one that showed great promise over the past couple of seasons, has hit a proverbial brick wall. Philosophical differences within the University and the vision of their mission statement have put all sides on the mat. Coaches were let go earlier this year. Next season, wrestlers can perform individually but not under the UFV Cascades banner.

From the UFV Media Release:

UFV Athletics and Recreation is suspending operations of the wrestling program for the 2019-20 season. Individual wrestlers will be supported by the university should wrestlers decide to pursue eligibility for Canada West and U SPORTS.

In order to form a new vision for wrestling, time is needed to reflect and consider future directions for this sport at UFV and so a team coach will not be hired for the 2019-20 season.

This was not an easy decision as UFV takes great pride in our athletes’ efforts and our teams’ accomplishments.

Various stakeholders, including several wrestlers and community coaches, have privately and publically expressed different visions and expectations for the UFV program. These approaches do not all align philosophically or practically with the university’s vision for a varsity wrestling team. For wrestling to be a successful varsity program in the future, we need to explore and evaluate all potential models rather than rushing to decisions.

“Suspending the program for the 2019-20 season acknowledges the challenges athletes, community coaches, and the university have experienced within the existing wrestling model,” Steve Tuckwood, director of athletics and recreation at UFV. “Moving to an individual model is a compromise aimed at supporting athletes and maintaining wrestling in a modified form at UFV.”

UFV Athletics and Recreation recognizes this change may present challenges to athletes and will provide assistance with eligibility under U SPORTS requirements.

UFV thanks wrestling team members and supporters for their past commitment to UFV Wrestling and wishes these athletes success academically and athletically.

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