chillTV – Behind The Scenes (Pictures)

Fraser Valley – You have heard a lot about chillTV since last fall. That’s when the YouTube channel and on live broadcaster started to fill a void that was left behind in 2017. That’s when many community access channels (cue Wayne’s World) closed with the equipment sent to BC1/Global studios in Burnaby. Local staff and programs were shut down.

That’s where chillTV picks up the ball. Not only filling the void, but doing a more involved, intensive and community active role in providing a televised voice for the community.

Since its inception in 2018, chillTV has broadcast to their YouTube cannhel and website, the 2018 Municipal debates in Chilliwack, the Rotary Christmas Parade and now, a weekly News of the Week magazine, in partnership with FVN Fraser Valley News, as well as bringing back local TV personality Nancy Guitar. Her “Getting To Know You” was cut by Shaw. It’s back with the new title “Small Talk”.

And that’s the beginning.

Executive Producer and Founder Berris Karden (berris@chillTV) has a media and financial background as well as roots with local Rotary.

chillTV, as with FVN and VBN are LOCALLY OWNED, not an entity taking direction from out of market. chillTV uses the facility and studio of VBN (also in Chilliwack) for their major studio work.

chillTV’s Corporate Philosophy:

Your TV, Your Way.  It’s more than just a slogan, it’s why were in business.  We are committed to facilitating a platform allowing local viewers easy access to locally produced video content.

We are also committed to helping very talented local people get their exciting video content seen, and matched to local sponsors that want their brand enhanced.

There are innumerable outlets online for viewing video.  What chillTV hopes to achieve is have all the best local video content available on chillTVca.

We’re here to help Chilliwack and the Eastern Fraser Valley, critically underserviced with easy access to news, music, comedy, drama, documentaries, reality, business, politics, sports both on live and pre-recorded.

chillTV’s website is here.

chillTV’s Facebook Page is here.

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