Worst Of The Flu Season Is Over In Most Of BC – But Fraser Health Is Hitting It’s Peak

Fraser Valley/Vancouver – The peak of the flu season, the worst of the worst rampage through work and school, seems to be over. That according to the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Fraser Health has a different take.

Now the catch — it will take several weeks before the province is in the clear.

BCDC says the risk of catching the influenza A virus is generally high through the winter and levels off in mid-March.

According to BCDC , since November, 90 per cent of the BC flu cases was influenza A. This is the most common form of the flu bug.

Fraser Health says we are currently in the midst of the 4-6 week peak of influenza activity.

From their website:

Among influenza positive specimens tested at the lab, the predominantly circulating strain is influenza type A H1N1. H1N1 is known to impact children and non-elderly adults disproportionately. In keeping with this, to date, approximately 75% of all influenza H1N1 detections across the province were among patients under the age of 65. Similarly, only five influenza outbreaks have occurred in Residential Care settings this season which is much lower than last year.

Given that children and non-elderly adults are being disproportionately impacted by H1N1 this season, please:

  1. Keep influenza on the differential and consider influenza antiviral treatment for patients presenting with influenza-like illness, particularly children and non-elderly adults. There are reports of these groups experiencing more severe presentations of influenza with complications this season.

  2. Continue to promote influenza vaccination: Children and non-elderly adults are often less likely to get vaccinated than seniors, but should consider immunization given circulating H1N1. Vaccine effectiveness is typically higher for H1N1 and given that we are in the midst of peak influenza activity with circulating influenza levels expected to be high for the next several weeks, the vaccine can continue to provide protection against H1N1 and influenza B, which is typically seen during the later stages of the season.

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