Chilliwack YMCA To Re-Open February 18

Chilliwack – Back in June 2018, the Chilliwack YMCA on Hocking Avenue, started the process going a major facelift.

That included changes to the pool and parking lot among other thing.

Plumbing issues set back the anticipated January 2019 opening.

According to the Y website, the challenges faced during renovations were:

  • As a charity that opens its doors to all, we have no actual doors to open! The aluminum doors for the entry are stuck in production.
  • The signage which includes the building’s address was forgotten.
  • In the City of Chilliwack, we are third on the list to lay asphalt and we need to wait until the weather is dry and temperatures in B.C. rise—in winter! 
  • When we dug up the pool, we discovered that the sub-pump was installed in part with the help of a plastic peanut butter jar. (Talk about being resourceful!)

The new Chilliwack YMCA will be 36,700 square feet, 25% bigger than the current facility. The eastern side of the building will be demolished and re-built anew while the rest of the Y will be dramatically improved. With this expansion, you will enjoy the same programs you know and love at the Y as well as new programs:

  • Physical literacy programs to help kids develop critical movement skills
  • More adult group fitness classes
  • Expanded pool hours
  • More swimming lessons
Here’s what will be new:
  • Gymnasium (4,250 sq. ft.)
  • Five multipurpose rooms (totalling 4,650 sq. ft.)
  • Conditioning floor (5,700 sq. ft.)
  • Social area to connect with your family and community (600 sq. ft.)
  • CycleFit studio (950 sq. ft.)
  • Family/Universal change room (1,800 sq. ft.)
  • Outdoor playground (1,000 sq. ft.)
Here’s what will be significantly renewed:

Expanded lobby and welcome area (1,500 sq. ft.)

Group fitness studio (1,950 sq. ft.)

Stretching and adaptive space (1,250 sq. ft.)

Childminding area (900 sq. ft.)

​Pool (4,600 sq. ft.)

Images by endall elliot.

Ground Floor
Second Floor

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