New Children’s Book – Haibu: Lost in New York – Promoting Respect For Animals (INTERVIEW)

Los Angeles –  Haibu: Lost in New York is the first in a series of children’s books for elementary school age, with a twist. While not trying to be a “Disney” style read (don’t expect Haibu to be a princess), the author, Blake Freeman is treading the fine line of not wanting to be preachy or dry. It’s not a “National Geographic” read, but more of an awareness for animal safety and preservation throughout the world.

The main character of the book is Haibu, who is a smart, compassionate, and determined 10-year- old girl who is from a tiny village in Iceland called Montooka. Even though her village is a very cold place, Haibu’s heart is filled with warmth. She has the power to speak with all animals and is kindhearted by nature, inspiring others to believe that they can make a difference, too.

In Haibu: Lost in New York, Haibu arrives in a completely new land she’s never seen before ― New York City. As she discovers the city, she learns about a nearby circus that might have clues that would help her find her way back home. But the circus animals are in serious trouble and need help right away. Haibu and her new friends will have to put their heads together to come up with a plan in order to save the animals before things get worse.

Freeman, in conversation with FVN’s Don Lehn, touches on the genesis of the book, and hopefully the series of readings to follow as well as a planned animation series. Freeman did not grow up in the country, he is a city rat (although being from Nashville,) and the countryside and all the wildlife was never more than a few minutes drive away.

Haibu has literally taken a life of its own. Not just as a book and animated series, its now a movement for young people to embrace nature and protect wildlife everywhere.

From Africa to a Nashville. From Iceland and China to Vancouver and all points in between.

Haibu: Lost in New York is available through Amazon (click here) and any major book store.

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