Provincial Funding Available To Support BC Bees

Victoria – Beekeepers around the province have another opportunity to apply for BeeBC funding to help with projects in their communities to support the health of bees in British Columbia.

“The BeeBC program is making it possible for our beekeepers to develop new and innovative ways to help our honey bees,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture. “A healthy population of honey bees and native pollinators in B.C. not only provides us with delicious locally-sourced honey, it supports our environment as well as our agriculture industry, so that British Columbians will have more B.C. products at their tables, now and for generations to come.”

Popham announced BeeBC is providing an additional $50,000 in funding to beekeepers in B.C. while attending the 2018 B.C. Honey Producers Association (BCHPA) annual general meeting in Victoria.

The initial round of funding for the program was announced during the Day of the Honey Bee in May 2018, with 11 projects now underway around the province. The projects range from educational programs and hands-on experience for youth, to studying queen bees and disease management in hives by local beekeepers.

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