Surrey School Trustee Candidate Takes Aim At Past Chair, Vice Chair – Based In Chilliwack

Surrey/Chilliwack – Elections always have their drama. This year’s municipal elections are no different. Now a candidate for the Surrey School Board, took aim  at the past Chair and Vice Chair of the Surrey School Board, who resides in Chilliwack. He is currently on the Surrey School Board.

Diana Ng’s argument is that Shawn Wilson should be residing in Surrey and not in the “Wack, to be closer to the pulse of what is going on with the public school system in, what is fast becoming, BC’s largest city  and arguably, BC’s largest public school district.

To be fair, Trustee Wilson was first elected to the Board of Education in 1999.  He has served as Chairperson for the following years 2014 – 2017, from 2012-2014 and from 2003-2007. He held the position of Vice Chairperson from 2000-2003 and 2008-2012. 

For the past 35 years, Ng has been a Panorama Ridge resident and is a business instructor at Simon Fraser University, an author, and taught nursing at the University of Victoria, Trinity Western University and Capilano College.

Her platform is for social change, social activism, and social justice and has been critical of current trustees who rarely take a stand on any issue. “Trustees should take their position seriously and advocate for the educators, parents and students they represent”

Her Facebook page is here.

Ms. Ng is probably best known as the “Labyrinth Lady”, successfully leading her project to build Metro Vancouver’s first public labyrinth, in association with the City of Surrey.  She is an award nominated speaker and published author, who operates a peace store.

Ng announced her candidacy back in August.

In a statement from Ng, released to FVN:

How nice!  South Surrey parents who have been good boys and girls and faithfully voted for the candidates put up by the BC Liberal Party, election after election, get their reward.  Instead of the new high school they needed  back in 2015 already, they might get one, maybe, by 2021.  Maybe.

Got kids going to Earl Marriott Secondary School?  It’s been 500 students or more over capacity, not one year, but half a dozen years.  Try to imagine: four teenage student sharing one locker!  Kids on extended day shift?  Get used to it.

With the Christy Clark government having dragged its feet for half a dozen years, we  are now looking at an increase in the cost of one school of maybe $20 million.  That’s $20 million over the original cost estimate of $60 million!!!  Way to go, Christy!  Thanks loads.

And where has the local Surrey School Board been for the past four years?  Instead of raising hell, benign indifference.  Well, what do you expect from a school board that was headed up by a trustee who has been living in Chilliwack for some years now!  Yes, that’s right!  Shawn Wilson, until recently Chairman and then Vice Chairman of the Surrey School Board lives in Chilliwack.

And not only that, he’s running again.  Not in Chilliwack, but here, in Surrey!  And he’s endorsed by Surrey First!  Wow!  I know they have appointed a new chair and vice chair finally, but still, running a guy who lives in Chilliwack?

Ng is a first time candidate. Wilson is a veteran to the process. FVN has reached out to Wilson for comment.

Diana Ng, Courtesy Facebook

Shawn Wilson – Courtesy Surrey School Board


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  1. Diana Ng makes a very good point. Citizens running for elected office should live in the community in which they are running. They can better represent us if they live in our local community.

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