Used Books/CD Shop Owner Found A Jukebox, Needs Help With Restoration

Chilliwack – Neil Stad, the owner/operator of Nuggets Used Books on 45832 Wellington in Chilliwack, found a little gem for his store.

One minor hitch, he needs someone who is well versed in jukebox restoration, to help him get this musicbox back in working order and playing those stax of wax.

Don’t worry about filling this thing with tunes, Neil can take care of that!

It’s a Rowe AMI and by the look of the pictures, it’s in decent shape. When turned on, you can hear the hum of the motor, but that’s about it.

Neil told FVN : “I’ve always wanted a jukebox for the store, but I wasn’t about to pay an exorbitant price, until I found this!”

If you can help, Neil’s number at the store is (604) 792-1950 and the Facebook page is here.

A proud owner (Neil Stad) and his musical find

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  1. Looks like an MM4 but can’t be positive. I might have service manual that covers this model but will have to check. I also know an excellent tech….78 years young Bo Yamada who loves his work and live in MapleRidge. He got my rowe working again. Not exactly cheap…but still very reasonable. Only paid $350 for mine in the first place.

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