25th Lakeside British Car Show Shines September 9 At Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake – September’s silver anniversary of imported steel boasts more autos than ever at the 25th annual All British Meet at the Lake, September 9 at Cultus Lake’s Main Beach. Featuring Aston Martins, MGs, Jaguars and more, this must-see offers opportunities for British cars, motorcycles and even bicycles.

Registration is now open, and Fraser Valley British Motor Club member Harv McCullough expects upwards of 100 entrants.
“The beauty of that weekend is there’s not a traffic issue because school’s back in,” says McCullough.
“It’s just a great place to be, for entrants and the viewing public.”
All entries receive a commemorative dash plaque, with judging split into closed car (hard top) and open car (convertible) categories, along with best UK bicycle and UK motorcycle.
The best picnic prize is awarded to an entrant with an impressive picnic display, the way the cars were often used during breezy British summers. The only catch: all supplies must arrive inside the vehicle.
To learn more about the club, visit britishcarclub.ca, which in addition to featuring club news and events, offers an exclusive ‘For Sale or Wanted’ section featuring such items from a 1976 Jensen GTB to 1980 MGB. The site can also be used to connect with other members who enjoy a variety of related interests, from working on our website or Facebook page to photography and even writing articles. Members also receive discount cards from some Parts Suppliers.
The club organizes several short runs around the valley and many take fellow members as passengers with them. Some of the meetings have guest speakers and during the winter months there is quite often an organized tour.

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