Grey Glass Recycling Containers Coming Soon To Langley

Langley – New grey containers for glass recycling will soon be on their way.

The Township of Langley is introducing an updated residential recycling program this summer that will see glass separated from other recyclables and placed in new grey containers.

“The new program is now in effect, and containers for glass will be delivered throughout July or August, depending on your neighbourhood,” said Debbie Fleming, Township of Langley Solid Waste Coordinator. “Properties with curbside collection will receive a new grey box and properties with centralized collection will see a new cart for glass in their waste collection area.”

Residents who plan to be on vacation this summer are encouraged to ask a neighbour, relative, or friend to bring the new grey box in from the curb to their home, once they are delivered.

The grey box will be smaller than the blue recycling box, but is sized to accommodate bulky and fragile glass bottles and jars and reduce the risk of breakage.

“Since separating glass recyclables is relatively new to residential recycling, many people may be surprised at how quickly recyclable glass items add up,” Fleming noted. “Once empty, jars and bottles from jams, jellies, spreads, condiments, pasta sauce, salad dressings, pickles, baby food, and beverages are all accepted in the grey bin.”

Until the containers arrive, rinsed glass jars and bottles can be stored at home or taken to a recycling depot. For depot locations, visit or call 604.RECYCLE (732.9253).

Residents with curbside collection can also choose to place glass at the curb for pick-up in a small, sturdy container, such as a Rubbermaid storage bin, or in their old blue recycling bag until the containers are delivered.

The blue recycling bags are no longer needed for newsprint, as it can now simply be placed with other paper recyclables in the yellow bag – new yellow bags will also be delivered with the new grey box. The same goes for properties with centralized collection, which can now place newspaper in the cart for paper.

Through the new recycling program, which aligns the Township and other neighbouring communities with Recycle BC’s program requirements, new items will now be welcome in blue boxes or carts for containers. Cardboard ice cream containers, beverage cups, and lids with straws removed – such as fountain drinks from fast food restaurants – are accepted for recycling.

A team of Township staff will visit residents door-to-door this summer to answer questions once the new grey containers for glass have arrived.

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