Abbotsford Council Set To Spend $$$ On Vital Master Plans (VIDEO)

Abbotsford – As the summer holidays descend, Abbotsford City Council put in motion, the adoption of four more master plans, laying out hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure projects that many will agree, are needed for the city going forward towards 200K. (this is now 4 of 9 master plans for Abbotsford. Another major Master Plan that has been unveiled was the U-District around Abbotsford Centre and UFV).

The new master plan for the Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service will include money for new firefighters, equipment and inspectors.

Courtesy Dave Loewen

The Joint Water Master Plan will drop $180M for the Abbotsford/Mission water system through 2041. A new collector well and expansion of the Dickson Lake reservoir is part of this plan.

Abbotsford Dickson Lake Reservoir – Courtesy Dave Loewen

The Joint Wastewater Master Plan. Yup, Sewage. A total of $400M in spend through 2041 including a new wastewater plant and expanding the existing wastewater site.

The Master plan to upgrade the dyke systems. After yet another freshet scare this year, it’s is obvious that work must be done to upgrade the system. Hundreds of millions of dollars are needed and of course, for all the planning and implementation, all levels of government (it is hoped) will contribute.

Rough math will put this price tag to around $1B.

Councilor Dave Loewen tweeted that he was very happy that these four main items passed: Council adopting four more Master Plans today, including and City The level of staff expertise and effort is truly impressive!

The nuts and bolts of these initiatives can be dry reading, but they can be found here.


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