10 Year Vision for Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture

Surrey – Approval of the 10-year Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) Strategic Plan was unanimously given by Surrey City Council at Monday night’s regular Council meeting. The 10-year PRC Strategic Plan outlines the future development or expansion of 45 parks across Surrey, including 25 new neighbourhood level parks, new athletic parks in Grandview Heights and Fleetwood, a new riverfront park along the Nicomekl River and new urban parks in Newton, Guildford and Fleetwood Town Centre.

“As Surrey flourishes, it is Council’s responsibility to plan for the future and keep pace with the ever growing demands placed on our parks, recreational and cultural amenities,” said Mayor Linda Hepner. “The 10-year PRC Strategic Plan is both ambitious and necessary. It presents a vision of a healthy, green, inclusive community, where individuals, culture, and the environment thrive.”

The plan was developed with comprehensive community engagement and consultation. Launched in March 2017, more than 5,000 residents, businesses and community stakeholders have provided input into the plan. Built on the collaborative process, the 10-year PRC Strategic Plan calls for the following major capital projects and recommendations.

·         new community centres in Clayton and Grandview Heights

·         expansions to Fleetwood and Chuck Bailey Community Centres

·         new ice rinks in Whalley and Cloverdale

·         expansion to the Museum of Surrey

·         new Interactive Arts Museum in City Centre

·         performing arts facility in South Surrey

·         new Indigenous ceremony and gathering space.

As the City of Surrey moves forward with this vision, key updates to the plan’s progress will be undertaken in late 2020 and late 2023. More information on the 10-year PRC Strategic Plan can be found www.surrey.ca/PRCplan.

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