Jennifer Dyson – New Agricultural Land Commission Chair

Victoria – The Government of British Columbia has appointed Jennifer Dyson as the chair of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).

Dyson will use her experience and knowledge in agriculture to revitalize the Agricultural Land Reserve.

“Jennifer Dyson’s 10 years of experience as an ALC commissioner, coupled with her work as a farmer, will be invaluable in her role as chair of the ALC,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture. “Her knowledge, passion and diverse experiences in farming give her a broad perspective about agriculture in B.C., and the background to lead the commission and support an active farming community in British Columbia.”

Dyson’s experience includes serving as an ALC commissioner from 2008 to 2017. She was also chair of the island panel, and has an ongoing role in operating a family-run water-buffalo dairy and direct farm market in the Alberni Valley.

Dyson has also participated in industry and government committees regarding agriculture and the environment, supporting and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and workforce policy.

“I have a passion for agriculture, and to lead an organization with the mandate of preserving agricultural land, and encouraging farming in B.C., is truly an honour,” said Dyson. “There are challenges in agriculture today. B.C. farmers and ranchers are the unrecognized backbone of strong local communities and progressive regions. I am committed to working for an ALC that does its part to encourage agriculture for now and generations to come.”

Dyson most recently chaired the the nine-member Minister of Agriculture’s advisory committee. The committee led consultations with producers and other British Columbians throughout the province, to hear their ideas on how to revitalize the ALC.

The consultation took place from Feb. 5 to April 30, 2018, and heard from more than 2,300 British Columbians at stakeholder meetings in nine communities, through written and online submissions. Dyson stepped down from the advisory committee on May 11, 2018. Committee member Vicki Huntington, MLA for Delta South, will take on the role of chair for the advisory committee.

Dyson succeeds Frank Leonard as ALC chair, who completed his term on May 14, 2018.

“On behalf of the B.C. government, I would like to thank Frank Leonard for completing his term,” said Popham. “We are always appreciative of those who step up and dedicate their time in public service.”

The ALC is an independent administrative tribunal responsible for administering the province’s Agricultural Land Reserve, and to preserve farmland and encourage farming.

3 Comments on "Jennifer Dyson – New Agricultural Land Commission Chair"

  1. this appointment is very disappointing. once again the North will be subjected to the the out of touch island philosophy on agriculture. this person is not independent but just a minion of the minister.

  2. I live in Invermere BC..I have quit my job in Calgary 9 years ago..had too moved my parents into a care a result of many health problem..we use too have a 550 acre cattle ranch…during the last few years I have moved and lived in our family home on the ranch..which has not been a productive or functioning.. cattle ranch..for the last 20 years.We had our farm status removed..which sent our taxes from 2600.00 per year to over 20,000 per year..but we are told we still in the ALR..we then had too sell half of our cover taxes and my parents homes are not cheap.. down size what we have had in our family for over 3 generations…I could not even too restart..or manage ..what my parents did for the last 50 years…I am at the point now..where the only option.. I have is too sell the rest..I can’t do anything now..with the land we would cost $100,000 of dollars for me too even try and do what my parents did in their life time.

    So you tell me ??..what I can do with this land..I see nothing but walls..with the ALR today..
    Yes!.. we do need to help and protect the families that have land that they are using and producing a income on..but some of us are not in the same situation…where we can do this..and that needs to be looked at too.

    • Hey JD, I’m actually from Invermere myself and didn’t realize this is happening. That’s a massive increase in taxes. Was/is you farm out Westside road? Near Wilmer?

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