ThinkReferrals Business Network – Charity First, Then Talk Business (Sponsored)

Fraser Valley – FVN Fraser Valley News is involved with a very dynamic group that looks at business in a refreshing light.

Give back to the community and the business will follow (Yes, we took liberties with “Field Of Dreams).

ThinkReferrals Business Network is a collection of local teams which consist of individuals representing various businesses with common goals and interests and a desire to give back to the local community, is mutually beneficial for the collaborating parties, and can achieve joint results that the companies may not be able to achieve individually.

Participants may exchange ideas, information, advice, introductions or referrals, they may find opportunities that they would not otherwise have been aware of, discover great connections for procuring, support mutual goals, and perform business and financial transactions. TRBN is the place to ENGAGE your BUSINESS, make a real difference to Community and experience Business success beyond simple referral exchanges.

TRBN has been supporting non profit societies and charities since we launched in 1998.  In 2010 we started sponsoring Families in need within the communities we network in by way of Community groups and local Christmas Bureaus.  The first year was such a success that we found the need to create a society and began hosting fundraising events.  To receive our Newsletter about upcoming events, register here: TGS Constant Contact Sign-Up.

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