Chilliwack’s Ken Popove – From BIA To Councilor To A Run For Mayor (VIDEO)

Chilliwack – One of the worst kept secrets in Chilliwack politics is now out. City Councilor and owner of Ken’s Tire and Wheel – Ken Popove will run this fall for the Mayor’s Chair in Chilliwack.

His platform is “Keep Chilliwack Moving Forward Together”.

The irony is that the announcement was made as current Mayor Sharon Gaetz was off on holiday in Europe. A number of prominent political and business leaders and supporters were at the media briefing, including former Chilliwack Mayor Clint Hames, City Councilors Sue Attrill, Jason Lum and Chris Kloot.

Also in attendance were potential City Councilor Candidate and Sto:lo Business Leader Louis De Jaeger, Popove’s wife Gail who is very active in community events behind the scenes, Popove’s Mother and Kathy Funk, the Former Chamber of Commerce and Chilliwack BIA Director.

Neither area MLA, John Martin and Laurie Throness, nor the MP Mark Strahl, were at the announcement.

Popove stressed that a greater working relationship between the City and the Province, Federal Government and First Nations must be improved.

Popove has also been an advocate for improvements for the homeless and addiction services.

On Ag Tourism, Popove is a fan. For him, a good example of Ag Tourism is what Fantasy Farms brings to the community. His wife Gail added:  “And he likes back yard chickens.”

There has been a groundswell of criticism , specially on Social Media with the way that current Mayor Sharon Gaetz has done her job. Gaetz has been Mayor for the past 10 years.

Among all the political and business endeavors, Popove is also co-chair of the 2018 RBC Cup National Junior A Championship this month in Chilliwack.

Laura Lee Reid from Heritage Chilliwack told FVN ,”We are looking forward to more collaboration”. Heritage Chilliwack has been championing for a greater awareness to preserve Chilliwack’s building history.


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  1. Lillian fletcher | January 3, 2019 at 12:01 pm | Reply

    So,what is Ken Popove going to do to improve the lot of business’s along Yale rd? What with the prevailing social problems in the area,ie,people loitering in the doorways/ common areas surrounding these business’s,leaving their filthy drug paraphernalia strewn all about the premise,defecating/ urinating in these spaces,and, generally vandalizing these properties,and, the lack of ( or no response at all! From the RCMP!) ,the area has gone to utter hell! The RCMP are not helping matters here at all,and,should be told to shape up, or ship out,so to speak Business establishments in this area are sick and tired of these sorry conditions being alllowedto become firmly entrenched within this neighbourhood,largely due in part to RCMP related apathy and indifference towards this ever worsening situation

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