HB Creative – Local Solutions For Your Promotions (Sponsored)

Fraser Valley – HB Creative powers marketing solutions for business and health professional. It’s local and cost efficient. Heidi Bannerman comes from ma business background that includes her stint with the Chilliwack Downtown Business Association among other endevours.

FVN Fraser Valley News enjoys working with Heidi and her team on innovative promotions that work !


As Heidi puts it:

At HB Creative, we’re committed to helping both health and business professionals develop a profitable brand that can thrive and produce sustainable results.

When we launched our brand in the Fall of 2017, we aimed to fill a void in the market by providing cost-effective marketing solutions for not only business owners but new and established health professionals working within the capacity of their own private practice.

Our company was founded on the belief that exceptional products or services, deserve to be accompanied by a marketing strategy that works to deliver profitable results.

We’re focused on solutions and we work to minimize the sense of chaos most entrepreneurs feel as they venture out on their own. From navigating multiple social media accounts, to deciding which CRM system to implement, we’ve got you covered.


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