No April Fool’s Joke – Rate Hikes For Hydro, Gasoline

Fraser Valley – You will start to pay a little more for a few services as of April 1st. It’s not a bad April Fool’s Joke. These hikes were already announced, it’s just that they are now a reality.

In Metro Vancouver, expect the cost per litre for a tank of gas could hit $1.60 with the Valley being 10 to 12 cents behind that (the Valley does not pay the same transit tax as Metro Vancouver).

The provincial carbon tax rises $5/tonne or in short, a rise of 1.2 cents a litre a year for the next few years.

Your BC Hydro bill is not frozen so expect a 3% hike on the power bill.

The bright side is that you don’t pay PST on your hydro bill.

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