….About That Stomach Bug, Going ’round…

Fraser Valley – You may have already been the unwilling victim of this recent stomach bug that is not very nice to deal with.

In polite terms, you end up running…well..at both ends.

It seems that kids can get through this within 24-36 hours but adults have been dealing with nausea and diarrhea for 10 days to two weeks.

The entire staff at FVN Fraser Valley News had it as well as our friends in Vancouver at 98.3 Roundhouse Radio. Roundhouse Mid Day Host Jody Vance says the staff there are scarfing down Imodium or Gravol or both.

Tasleem Juma with Fraser Health told FVN, ‘Gastro-intestinal viruses circulate throughout the year and we are not seeing anything unusual for this time of year”. 

If you have gone through this, or it is literally going through you, we feel your pain.

A major concern is for seniors. Again, Fraser Health has not seen a spike in care homes.

A full list of current outbreaks can be found at the Fraser Health website.

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