Abby PD Searching For Dustin Joseph Murphy

Abbotsford – Abbotsford Police are looking for Dustin Joseph Murphy.

Murphy is wanted on outstanding warrants for breaching his Probation Order.

Have info?

Call APD 604-859-5225 or text 22973, or call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at


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  1. Patricia Garner | January 17, 2018 at 9:44 am | Reply

    Dear Mr.Lehn: Thank you for taking my call yesterday re: unfair hiring/firing practises at Ann Davis Transition Society. I thank you for taking the time to hear me…you where generious with your time. As you can tell.. I am very passionate about ADTS and how they say they stand for womens rights yet can treat there former employees…possibly current employees unfairly. I have decided that this is not the best forum to tell our story..I am not a disgruntled former employee just a human that is tired of what is the blatant abuse of power to people who where part of her team…this effected coworkers that put in their time..passion etc to make ADTS what it is today…even if ADTS has slipped…no new referrals from local agency’s…ask …Pacific Resourses….etc…no accountability…Anyway…Mr.Lehn…this story is not dead…and its not fake news…Me2….is all about all of us..i want to support ME2 movement but dont think this would. not help me in getting future work…..still healing but strong. Please feel free to call if you want to expose the truth…or at least our side…ps me email is not working ….using phone..604.819.0936

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