APD Recommend 33 Charges – 5 People Involved In The Lower Mainland Gang Conflict

Abbotsford – In January 2017, the Abbotsford Police Gang and Drug Unit launched a lengthy investigation over several months which targeted a group of individuals involved in the Lower Mainland Gang Conflict. This investigation, called Purple Rain, specifically targeted those dealing in fentanyl and carfentanil.

Charges laid include drug trafficking in fentanyl, carfentanil and cocaine, possession for the purpose of trafficking and firearms-related offences.

The 5 arrested during this investigation are:

Sarabjit Singh Mann, 22 years old,17 charges

Karan-jit Singh Mann, 19 years old, 4 charges

Akashdeep Singh Bhoot, 21 years old, 9 charges

Sukhvir Singh Gill, 19 years old, 2 charges

Navkarn Singh Sandhu, 18 years old, 1 charge

Contact the Abbotsford Police Gang Unit for information on warning signs for gang involvement and risk factors as well as help with getting yourself or someone you care about out of the gang life. Contact us at helpyouth@abbypd.ca or call 604-864-4777.

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