Military Exercise And Training In Chilliwack, April 19 – May 14

Chilliwack – Over the past week, while driving along Highway One, you may have noticed a number of trucks and trailers heading into Chilliwack and transporting military vehicles. There is a good reason for that. Military exercises !

Approximately 230 soldiers from 1 Combat Engineer Regiment will be conducting training from April 19th to May 14th, 2017 , around Chilliwack  as part of Exercise SAFWAN SAPPER.  The purpose of this training is to develop the mobility and engineering skills required to support a domestic operation in the event of an environmental disaster.

You can expect to see soldiers wearing camouflage and maneuvering throughout the area and on waterways. With this exercise, there may be an increase in noise in the surrounding areas, particularly near docks and provincial parks. There will also be a demolition range on DND land.

There will be no live ammunition used in this exercise, so you don’t have to flood RCMP with 9-1-1 calls.

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