Abbotsford’s Jubilee Park To Receive Major Facelift

Abbotsford – Pass the scalpel, Jubilee Park is in for a $1.8M facelift.

It was announced by the City of Abbotsford this past week however the final plans may be tweeked before shovels hit the ground this fall.

The Abbotsford Downtown Business Association is hinting at dozens of additional parking spots as well as relocation of tennis courts, the planting of many new trees, and other refinements.

The cost?  The Province will kick in $800,000 towards the redevelopment,  The City of Abbotsford putting in $500,000 and private funding will hopefully pay for the remaining $400,000.

Jam in Jubilee will obviously move into the space.

Jubilee Park on the drawing board as of April 2017. There may be changes before construction in the Fall of 2017

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  1. Its about time the city worked on this park and put a little more into it instead of complaining about what they assume goes on there or what it doesn’t have currently! However, if the city, the mayor, citizens, and local businesses think that this $1.8 MILLION renovation is going to solve the locals who hang out there, the homelessness, or the addicts who regularly visit there- IT WON’T! This problem isn’t going to JUST GO AWAY… They are people too and you are no better then them! In fact, you are worse then them! because you are judging them for no reason other then you can! Addiction is a disease- NOT A CHOICE! Maybe the city needs to put a million towards helping them- the homeless and the addicts! Just a thought! Both lifestyles are not a content place to be and when you feel alone or that everyone is against you (judging you), it can make matters even worse- on a daily basis (which generally can cause more problems for them- suicides or overdoses- of which nobody thinks about until it is too late… then EVERYONE cares). Being the `Bible Belt` of Canada, maybe things need to change a lot more then just a park getting a face lift. People need to reach out and act like the Christian people they like to pretend they are! We are all sinners and how dare any of you to think that you have a right to judge anyone but yourselves!

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