Abbotsford Considering Stage 4 Water Restrictions – It’s That Critical

Abbotsford, BC (Star FM)  – Even with the weekend rain, it is still nowhere near filling reservoirs. While it’s still early to call, this may be a view of the “new normal”.

On Monday,  Abbotsford Council city staff will be looking for Council’s go ahead to bring in stage four water restrictions if the Dickson Lake level drops below a certain level.

We’re not quite there yet, and staff are optimistic that people’s response to the stage three restrictions means it won’t be necessary.

But staff want to be ready to go just in case.

Stage Four means the city engineer can impose any further emergency restrictions deemed necessary.

Staff don’t believe there will be any shortage for residents or fire protection, but are concerned that the lake may not be able to recharge if we have another winter without much of a snowpack.

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